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Online mental health upskilling for teams and workforces

Our mission is to help improve mental health literacy and skills for teams and workforces with evidence-based training tools and treatments.


Scenario-based digital
learning courses

Upskilling on the go

1:1 and group-based

Access to interactive self-paced content anytime, anywhere

Learn new skills taught by experts in psychology, behavioural science, executive coaching

Personalized coaching and mentorship. Real-world practice and application of skills


Our approach to mental health is rooted in science, developed by top-tier experts in the world.


Safety and security

We all need to feel safe and secure within our communities, societies and environment. If basic needs – such as food, shelter, the rights to education and healthcare, peace and harmony – are not met, then we are faced with heightened anxieties and fear. Developing coping strategies towards situations where safety and security are lacking helps to build resilience and perseverance to continue on in life. 


Bond and attachment 

Having strong relationships help us feel connected and ensures good mental health and overall well-being. Deterioration of relationships is common in times of crises; the experience of losing loved ones, tensions building from crises all around us can lead to grief, anger and resentment. Finding ways to build connections again are important to improve quality of life. 



Societal justice is often measured by the opportunities and privileges individuals and communities are given. Vulnerable populations are often deprived of many opportunities and privileges in their lives, causing anger, grievances, and resentment. The individual may explore these feelings of anger and resentment and find ways to express them effectively.  


Role and identity

Role and identity define who we are. The identity as a parent, a child, or a sibling. The identity of belonging to an ethnic or cultural group, or a particular occupation. The loss of identity and role can cause confusion and ambiguity in life. We cope by building new roles and identities that help give us a sense of control and security in our situation. 


Meaning of life

It’s important to feel that life gives us purpose, despite the many challenges we face. Life can feel meaningless however, especially after experiencing upheavals, causing a deep sense of despair. The individual explores their values in life and discover new ones and find ways to commit to leading a more meaningful life. 

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Scenario-based learning

Self-paced, digital learning courses

Support group


Group-based sessions focus on strengthening the 5 support systems

Life coaching


1:1 sessions focus on addressing the stress and symptoms related to the 5 support systems

How are we different?



Evidence-based tools researched globally



Designed to be user-friendly for ease of use by health, non-health professionals, and employees



Found to be effective in improving mental health and resilience in communities of varying cultures



Places the person at the heart of our service; treatment plans are adapted based on the needs of the individual



Designed to be easily implemented in low- and high-resource settings where mental health needs are vital



Designed to be conducted trans-diagnostically rather than diagnostic-specific

Testimonies from clients

"GHC's tools and services are backed by evidence and were found to be acceptable and effective for similar refugees in different countries."

Muhammad Aizat, Health Education Coordinator for QFFD Aid Clinics

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) Aid Clinic, MERCY Malaysia

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3 in 4 users rated IAT as easier to understand and apply compared to other similar tools they have used


85% rated the IAT approach and program as better and higher quality compared to others they have used

80% were likely to recommend IAT to a friend or colleague

91 % were satisfied or very satisfied with the IAT approach and training program

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